Unblocking Sites in School

Many schools tend to block access to certain websites on its network. These websites would include social networks and e-mail hosting. For unblocking sites in school, you need a really effective VPN application because not all applications will work. As schools use strong proxy systems that cannot be easily beaten.

Unblocking sites in school using WASEL Pro VPN

WASEL Pro VPN is the best way for unblocking sites in school because it’s the only VPN application that uses OpenVPN over SSH tunnel technique. This technique gives you a double encrypted connection that cannot be detected even by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) system. This technique is hard to find in one click VPN application but it’s the most effective way for unblocking sites in school.

unblocking sites in school

unblocking sites in school

How to use WASEL Pro VPN for unblocking sites in school?

It’s very easy and simple to use WASEL Pro VPN for unblocking sites in school. You will be offered a free VPN trial at first before buying. If you liked the application, you can buy it using many secure payment methods including: credit card, PayPal, WebMoney, MoneyBookers, OneCard, CashU, Western Union, Google Wallet, iTunes.

Now how can you use it for unblocking sites in school?

Download the app on your system (the app is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Other operating systems are supported via L2TP protocol)

After downloading the app will be installed this will take a few seconds.

Once the application window appears, click on the sign in tab.

Insert your username and password.

Now go back to the main window and click on the dropdown list of available servers and click Connect.

If you would like to use the SSH feature, click on the SSH checkbox then click on the list of available servers. Notice that a less number of servers will appear. Select the server you would like to use and click Connect.

Once you’re connected, you will be enabled of unblocking sites in school

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