Unblocking Sites in FireFox

Before we talk about unblocking sites in Firefox, let’s first take a look at its features and advantages as a browser.

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular, widely used web browser. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s 100% percent free and it’s an open source browser which is why it’s constantly updated. Lately it has been announced that Firefox has from 12 to 22% of Internet usage coming in the second place after Google Chrome and beating the official Windows browser; Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox offers many great features including: spell checking, bookmarking, tabbed browsing location-aware browsing, popup blocker and private browsing. Mozilla Firefox is widely localized and it’s available in about 80 languages.

The integrated web search box makes it very easy for the user to search the web using many search engines. The user can choose between many search engines by clicking on the search box and the user can add search engines too.

As for unblocking sites in Firefox, this can be achieved by using proxy add-ons for Firefox or by manually configuring proxy settings in the browser.

Unblocking sites in firefox

Unblocking sites in firefox

Unblocking sites in Firefox by entering proxy settings:

Open the Firefox menu; choose options then options again from the submenu.

Open the Advanced tab and click on the Settings button.

Choose the Manual proxy configuration option and insert the required data.

In the “HTTP Proxy” field, insert the proxy server you would like to connect to.

In the “Port” field, insert a specific port if you would like.

This is how you add proxy settings for unblocking sites in Firefox.

If you need a way for unblocking sites in Firefox and other web browsers at the same time, you will need to configure a VPN connection on your operating system or simply download a VPN application.

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